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In case you weren’t previously aware of how flawless BBC Staff are

Fanaccount by now-she-bangin

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Yugyeom is apologizing because while he was signing that fan’s album, he was talking to someone else instead of her~ 

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joon happened to be leaving the restaurant doojoon was at
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140727 leaving SBS Inkigayo
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❝My beloved second son Howon, are you surprised? This is my first letter I’m writing to you. Although it was the past, you who studied well decided to drop out from school to become a singer. That shocked the whole family and my heart broke. I was very angry at you during the time and it still takes up a corner in my heart but I could only do that during that point of time. And now, even if the people around you objects, you haven’t given up and still continued to work hard to become a singer. That’s really great. During one winter when you attended music school and wore that heavy hoodie tee drenched in sweat, I felt that although you were my son, you wanted to be a tough guy. When you first won on the music broadcast and cried while calling me, I actually cried a lot too. To acheive your dream you worked harder and seeing that side of you I became happier. Do not forget that. And let’s meet often. Remember to take the tonics I sent you and take care of your health. Let’s meet next time. I love you and I love you.❞ 

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woohyun’s contacts

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"The agency is understanding that this situation was not a big deal. After we assess more carefully, we will inform you of anything more that needs to be shared." (x)

In order to be liable for a sexual harassment, the person does not necessarily have to have a sexual motive or intent. It can be inferred and proved by totality of situation such as the relationship with the person, place and circumstance of the behavior, content of the clear and referred response of the behavior, content and degree of the act, whether the act is ephemeral or short-timed or continual. There must be an act that provokes sexual mortification and repugnance to an average person who are in the similar situation generally, and from that the average person should feel the sexual mortification and repugnance. Therefore, a sexual harassment can not be established not merely for the reason that counterpart felt sexual mortification and repugnance without provoking sexual mortification and repugnance to the average person in the similar situation objectively. (x)
sexual harassment should never be tolerated. 
tweet jype regarding the situation.
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First of all EXO had 12 members while Red velvet has 4. Second of all SM has been teasing 3 of those members since December with various pictures, dance clips, and singing clips. Wendy even got her own OST song.

Okay, valid point. But you still can’t deny that the level of production and thought put into Red Velvet is lacking compared to EXO. All of the teasers for the 3 members did gain attention and showcased their skills (which is good) but that was under the name S.M. Rookies, not Red Velvet. Idk, to me that was just like “here’s a bunch of trainees, they’re talented but you don’t know when they’re gonna debut”. Edit: EXO appeared on SBS’s Gayo Daejun before their debut and if 12 members = 23 official teasers, 4 members = at least 8? Only if they used the same marketing tactic.

I’m just frustrated over that fact that SM has had a pretty shitty year so far despite the success of comebacks with all the scandals and such. They’ve most likely planned Red Velvet’s debut for a long, long time but the fact that SM announced their debut a month before the date basically says “forget about all the scandals we’ve had and shift your attention to these 4 new faces”.

I’ll wait until the whole MV is out and see their comeback, but as of right now I’m saying SM could have done a better job in terms of production compared to their past works. It just seemed really rushed.