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before and after…

this will always be my favorite gif set of Shinee. Seriously, look at Taemin. He regrets everything.

jonghyun has now a new perspective on life and would like to share it as soon as he gets down

"maybe that hair in RDD really wasn’t the best idea, maybe i’m supposed to be this short, maybe it just wasn’t apart of the universe’s plan for me."

"Is this the reality I wanted?”

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Yongguk bravely kissing a girl’s hand and being all smiley/shy after a fan kissed his hands ♥♥

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Hello, lovely people! I have been on Tumblr for almost 3 years now and I think it’s time to finally host a giveaway for my followers. I’ve been wanting to do this for sooo long but I actually have money to do one now haha.


  • Since this is a giveaway for my followers, you must be following me. (I’ll check)
  • Please make sure you’re comfortable with sharing your address.
  • No giveaway blogs.
  • You can reblog as many times as you want + likes count!
  • Don’t erase the text.
  • If the winner doesn’t respond within 24 hours, I will choose a new winner.
  • Giveaway will end on May 24.
  • I will use the random generator to choose the winners.
  • I will ship internationally.

1st place:

  • $50 at Sheinside.
  • Choose one album between BTS’s Skool Luv Affair, Block B’s Jackpot, or EXO-K or EXO-M’s Overdose.

2nd place:

  • One clothing item at munkypop.
  • Choose one album between what’s left over after first place.

3rd place:

  • Gets the left over album that hasn’t been chosen.

I probably will end up throwing in letters for each winner plus more albums that I have myself that I don’t really touch (B2ST’s Fiction&Fact, Block B’s 2nd mini album, Jay Park’s Take A Deeper Look, etc). If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me. GOOD LUCK!! :-)

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words to live by

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Translated by Jessica~

yoyoyo new theme

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